Best Solar Flood Lights

Solar Flood Light

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Floodlights have a variety of practical uses, including advertising decoration, venue lighting, and environment rendering. Usually, it is used for outdoor lighting. The solar flood light powered by solar energy, The solar panel absorb sunlight during the day and store it in a lithium battery, which is used to provide electricity for the lamp to work at night.

Compare to the LED flood light, It’s no need wring, and no electricity bills and Eco-friendly, which reduced carbon emissions.

Such a good product has undergone years of development, and there must be variations styles and functions. We have carefully listed 8 types of the best solar flood lights for you, follow our guide and you will get more.

8 Best Solar Flood Lights

Solar Wall Flood Light

Solar Wall Flood Light

Solar Panel: 5.5v 0.55W

Battery: 3.7V 1200mAh, 18650 Lithium ion battery

Material: ABS

Specification:20 LEDs, 6000-6500K

Charging: 8 hours

Mode: Infrared motion

In the current life society, there are various wonderful lifestyles outside. Therefore, even after get off work, people do not want to go home immediately. When you come home drunk at midnight, you may need lighting to lead you to the house. When you are looking for the key to the lobby room, you may need a light to illuminate you. The solar wall flood light will provide you full care.

To be honest, it may be the cheapest and functional. The lamp can provide 400 lumens. There is a infrared sensor motion on the lamp, so when it detect a person or animal within 3-5 meter, the lamp will turn on automatically. And when the person is far away, it will turn off after 30 second. It will work in cycles all night, so what ever you home at any time, it will be service for you.

Actually, it provide multiple types can be chosen. For example, the LED chip you can select a SMD type or a COB type as the picture below. And you can select a double LED board type. Multiple styles which will suit your aesthetic.

PAD Solar Flood Light

SMD Solar Flood Light

Smd Solar Flood Light

Grille Solar Flood Light

Solar Flood Light

COB Solar Flood Light

Cob Solar Flood Light

All-In-One Solar Flood Light

All In One Solar Street Lights

All-In-One Solar Flood Light

Colorful Solar Flood Light

Solar Street Flood Light

Solar Street Flood Light