September 2018

9 traps when purchasing solar lights in China

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9 Traps When Purchasing Solar Lights in China Solar lights are applied to roadworks, and we should be carefully investigated before purchase. Especially in China, there must be 9 traps to avoid when purchasing. What’s in this article? Sunparadise’s has specialized in the solar lights industry for 8 years, and we [...]

June 2018

How Much do You Know About Solar Street Light Battery?

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How Much do You Know About Solar Street Light Battery?The solar street light battery is an application of the battery in the solar street light. The solar street light battery functions to store the electric energy generated by the solar battery component, and another new energy street lamp when the illumination is insufficient or the [...]

October 2017

Classic LED Street light28w42w56w70w98w112w126w140w154w168w182w196w

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28W (185*305*80)mm We offer long-lasting and efficient led street light with durable bulb for your indoor and outdoor illumination. If you are on a quest for a quality led light that you would use to illuminate your company, hotel, street and home trust us to be of help to you. 42W (245*305*80)mm [...]

Bridgelux Enables The LED Revolution From Behind The Scenes

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LED lighting is a fascinating technology.  It’s not like incandescent lighting – where you heat up a filament until it glows (with the inevitable result that you generate 90% heat and relatively little light). It’s not like fluorescent either – where an electric current excites a mercury vapor which ultimately leads the phosphor coating [...]

How Solar Street Lights Can Help You Save Money

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Solar street lights are perfect option for people looking to conserve energy and save money in this harsh economy. Whether you plan to light up a particular area in your neighborhood or just wish to upgrade those in your surroundings, solar lighting provides a cost-effective option. Aside from the fact that solar lights are powered [...]

5 Popular Myths About LED Streetlights

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The rapid changes in LED lighting technology have given rise to an LED retrofit revolution. Across the globe, municipalities are opting to switch out their older street lighting to new, more energy-efficient LEDs. Unfortunately, these changes have also given rise to misinformation about LEDs, dark skies, safety and the environment. Myth #1: The use [...]

September 2017

How to cook salmon

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Salmon is readily available, extremely versatile and simply delicious. Here we cover salmon basics from weeknight fillets to weekend entertaining: the cuts and types to buy, equipment you’ll need, essential methods for preparing it and sauces for dressing it up. Before You Start Buy the largest spatula you can find, one [...]