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As a commercial solar street lights applications, believe that, the Sunparadise’s all in one solar street light more benefits for you. Data proves that.

Installation time 91%
Life Time 81%
Effective 74%

Sunparadise’s All in One Solar Street Light

The all in one solar street light raised light sources which are powered by photovoltaic panels and generally mounted on the lighting structure. And the photovoltaic panels charge a rechargeable battery, which powers the LED lamp during the night. In addition, all the processes work completely automatically, without any manual operations.

✔  The all in one solar street light Integrated a solar panel, a LED light source, a lithium system, and all the lighting systems are in one part, so we call it all in one solar street light. The cable-less structure makes it easy to install, efficient on lighting and saving energy.

✔ Sunparadise’s all in one solar street light provides the time control mode and the human body sensor mode, the time control mode including the all-night sensor mode and the morning mode. But we just need to set them up once, then they can adjust the modes by themselves accordingly.

The Advantage of our all in one solar street light

✔ Since we’re the solar street lights manufacture which has our own hardware processing plants, so it makes us serving our customers more flexibility.

✔ Our all in one solar street lights utilized monocrystalline silicon solar panels and waterproof resin package, which with high efficiency, lifetime is up to than 25 years and PV efficiency is more than 17%, what’ more, we also improve the waterproof rating as more than IP65.

✔ And we also utilized the High-performance lithium iron phosphate battery, to ensure that the lifetime can be up to 8 years. Expecting this, all the components can be collocated according to customers requires, that is how Sunparadise’s provide customers with good quality products and flexible services.

How Important Is Installing a High-Quality Solar Powered Street Lights Proposal?

If you’ve been struggling with your customer …

And If you want to make a perfect installation …

Or if you just want to be able to install solar light quickly and easily …

… SUNPARADISE’S All in one solar street light may be your answer …

Our mission is to reach as many customers as we can and allow them to install all in one solar street light at a very reasonable price. Therefore, you’ll affordable the cost of the solar-powered street lights with high quality. Every time dealing with customers, we are always trying to work (or discuss with customers) out an optimal solution, not just as easy as you inquiry, then I quote…

All in one solar street light can be installed in many application fields!


Parks Lots, Paths, Private Roads.

Remote Areas:

Where electricity is not accessible.

Safety and Security:

Fire prevention Anti-electromagnetic interference.

all in one solar street lightall in one solar street lights
Solar Lamp Proposal

The Internal Structure and Materials

The Sunparadise’s all in one solar LED street Light fixtures are the perfect off-grid replacement for aging technology and fixtures. On the other hand, it is really achieving a new installation which requires NO electrical services or connections to the local grid and providing a true “GREEN” lighting solution and 100% energy saving. Due to its integrated design, which put the all necessary components (Gel Battery, Solar Panel, LED array) in a single part, the solar street light is much easier to install and being a maintenance-free unit. So the all in one solar street light is very suitable for the local roads, walkways, pathways, parks, campuses, boardwalks, plazas, solar street lamp home depot and any mixed-use public areas.

The Component and Accessories

There is one more thing that we couldn’t ignore, that’s the quality, what makes such a simple light so working reliable and eco-friendly? For Sunparadise’s all in one solar street light, we always believe that the details decide the quality. So we have gone deep into the product components, we use the monocrystalline solar panel which can fully convert solar energy into electrical energy to support the work system, and use the lithium iron phosphate to ensure the solar street light can continuously work for longer time, that’s how we make this great project looks easy to achieve. Well, let’s find them all in one solar street light specifications below.

  • High CRI (Bridgelux Chips)
  • Rated Life of 50,000 hours
  • Simple Installation
  • Amazing Energy Savings
  • High Lumen Output
  • Solar Panel: SunPower Monocrystalline silicon with dual-mode “Smart” controller)
  • Battery: LiFePO4 Battery – 3 to 5 days inclement weather operation
  • 20°C ~+ 60°C Working Temperature
  • IP65 Rated

How does it work?

When it is in direct sunlight, the solar panel receives sunlight energy and converts to electrical energy. Then the electrical energy charges the battery through the controller, last, the battery makes the light working.

The Working Modes

Normal working mode: if you set the first 4hrs on full power and the next 4hrs on half power, the lamp will turn on at the 1st to the 4th-hour stage, and the lamp is at 100% brightness. For the next 4th to the 8th-hour stage, the lamp is at 50% brightness. You just need to set it up at the beginning, and it will be adjusted by itself.

Delay sensing mode: if you set the sensing stage for 4 to 8 hours with motion-detected power at 100%, and delay-30 seconds motion-undetected power at 30%, the all in one solar street light system will delay entering into the 2nd sensing stage by 4 hours. when people near the lamp, the sensor will detect and the lamp will turn to 100% brightness. And after the person far away from the lamp 30 seconds later, the lamp will reduce to 30% brightness. When you actually experience it, you will find that it is the intelligence which makes the energy-efficient being possible. So, we say that the solar street light is a kind of virtuous cycle product in the lighting field.

all in one solar street light

Install the all in one solar street light, being as much as any experienced installer

Extremely Easy to install.

While Light Your Area Just in Minutes!

SUNPARADISE’S all in one solar street light has the fastest and easiest way to install all in one solar street light, and transform your area into a well enlighten one. Due to the simple connection interface, the installation process should take a very short time. And once installed on a pole, it will become a professional street light. Sunparadise’s is trying to make you being a professional installer with its manuals and installation tools.

✔   Easily

✔   In a matter of minutes

✔   Without  to hire expensive installers


In fact, when you install an all in one solar street light system without cables, you will finish it in less than 10 minutes. So we can see that Sunparadise’s all in one solar street light helps us saving time again!


all in one solar street light

While Installation Recommendation (30W for example)

Pole Diameter: 50-80mm,

Mounting Height:6-8M,

And Mounting Gaps:20-25M.

all in one solar street light
all in one solar street light

Energy Saving and ECO-Friendly all in one solar street lights.

all in one solar street lights

World Solar Insolation Values

<< (Drag) The lamp power, pole height and road width corresponding to the logical relationship.

all in one solar street light

Multiple power selection

8W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 30W, 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, and 120W can be choose.

The greater the power and the greater the range that can be illuminated.

Modular LED Street Light 60
all in one solar street light


We are an all in one solar street light manufacture and trading combo and have struggled in this field for 8 years. Well, there are must be some reasons which support us going such a long way under the fierce competition of lighting market, because we always believe that details decide the quality. So, more and more customers prefer to cooperate with us. Then we’re being more and more famous in all in one solar street light field.


Our all in one solar street light have compact volume and lightweight design to save freight and installation costs.
Infrared solar motion that automatically turns on/off the LED light according to the detection result.
Water, Rust and Dust Proof.
No wiring: Because of using the simple connection interface to install.

Something U need care

We know that when the all in one solar street light system is installed, that you should have been relieved, and you’re hoping that everything can work for a long period, you don’t want to have any problem with that. That is why we’re using the best components for the products. And all our all in one solar street lights have a minimum 3 years warranty, after the warranty period, Sunparadise’s will continue to provide free technical service, and you only need to pay the replacement spare parts costs and delivery costs. However, there are almost no problems with the products that we provide to our customers.

The Certification 

You need concern, as the commercial solar-powered street lights system, you may bid for the governments.  So you’d need the Certification. All our products have passed the CE and RoHS Certification. Click here to view the certification.

Most of our Customers do not require us to provide the lamp post, due to the expensive freight cost. It’s much convincing to purchasing in local. And our all in one solar street lights are designed can be applied to different thickness lamp poles, which avoids many troubles for customers.

We provide all in one solar street light to India, Mexico, US, Brazil, South Africa, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. We guarantee delivery within 15 days from the date of the order. To ensure the timeliness of the retail, we’ll sell the all in one solar street light on Amazon in the future.

solar street light with cctv

The More Details

Model Specification, Product and Package Dimensions

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Trade Terms

 Payment terms 30% of all value paid by T/T as the deposit, the balance paid by T/T before loading
 Lead time Within 10-15 working days after receiving the deposit for the bulk order
 Samples Can be ready in 5-7 working days once payment received
 Discounts offer the discount for large quantity
 Packaging Neutral package also can be customized according to customer requirement of Logo, Brand and etc.



Express Takes 5-8 days, shipping company are UPS/DHL/FEDEX/TNT.


Air cargo It takes about 5-10 days to arrive, depends on the different flight.


Sea shipment It takes about one month to arrive at the destination.

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