Project Description

Today we are going to introduce a revolutionary product of this article, a new level of a solar security camera with lights, according to its monitoring capability and the special appearance, we call it “Alien Eyes” as far.

Now, Sunparadise’s is going to reinvent the Solar Security Camera with Lights. The picture over the right side is the appearance of “Alien Eyes”. So how do you think? Does it look like eyes of alien?

First, please let me introduce the development of Solar Security Camera with Lights. And how did it come into the “Alien Eyes”?

#1 Generation Solar Security Camera with Lights

The all in one solar security camera with Lights appear in 2016. The initial appearance likes the image below, the camera was totally hanged on the solar street light.

As you can see, this is completely no designed at all. Just a camera installed on the bracket. And the camera has been wired separately.

So, we don’t think this kind of collocation could be called creative, while after about half of a year, a new design appeared on the market like the image below.

Solar Security Camera 08

#2 Generation Solar Security Camera with Lights

This design looks much better. The camera uses an embedded design with an antenna, so the power supply does not require additional wiring. This time we can say that it’s a combination of solar street light and camera.

Maybe everything looks good now, But, do you really think this design could be called “All-In-One” or Integrated Solar Security Camera with Lights?  As a professional all in one solar street light manufacturer, we don’t think so. Actually, producing this kind of product is less challenging for us.

Since it looks so rough, so it’s much better to call it All-Components-In-One-Fixture.

And Imagine that, when the light is installed in such places as scenic spots or high-level hotels, it will be slightly out of place with the surrounding.

Solar Security Camera 07

And you may say it’s perfect now! Well, let’s see, the camera-integrated to the lamp body as perfect. And the appearance looks more comfortable, like a completed ALL-IN-ONE.

#3 Generation Solar Security Camera with Lights “Alien Eyes”

What an upgrade. But sometimes hiding the camera is very important! When people walk on the path or play on the ground that they see more camera monitor them, that people will feel uncomfortable because people do not like being monitored. But now the issue was solved. We perfect blending the camera with the lamp.

Solar Security Camera 21
Solar Security Camera 19
Solar Security Camera 18
Solar Security Camera 17

Related parameters

The lamp integrated ◆ 3.0 Megapixels 360° panoramic Camera with night view, Monitor range about 300-meter radius during the day and 5-10m at night.

◆ Camera Power: 3W

◆ Monitor Memory: 16G 32G 64G 128G

◆Connection: 2.4G WIFI Hotspot, WIFI Router, Phone APP and PC.

System Operation:

Like a solar street light, the solar panel converts the solar energy into electricity, and the electricity is stored it into highly reliable battery system during the daytime, at night, the electricity is provided to the camera through the battery. The store capability of the system can reach to three days.

◆ Electricity complement(Optional):

You may consider that, how does your system work if it rains a week or even a month and in other inclement weather?

The meaning of Electricity complement

Well, let me think, you are right, it’s really a non-ignorable issue, so we have reserved an external power interface for spare. People sometimes have to compromise to the power of nature, so an electricity complement is an additional option. Our designer compromise with nature sounds like we are so weak, and we are weak aliens for nature. In fact, there are some earth heroes who dare to resist nature, but the result is not so good. Let’s look at the case below.

Solar Security Camera 15
Solar Security Camera 16

Just adding a camera on the lamp, then you won’t know if it works well. Installing the lamp and camera only at one angle.

The Second problem is, that you can’t adjust the solar panel’s install angle with the sunset, so the system couldn’t work normally due to the battery shortage.

Our Design Concept

After deliberating, we found that we should have to redesign a new Solar Security Camera with Lights which needs to meet 3 points.

◆ Overall all in one design

◆ New and beautiful appearance

◆ Flexible to install

In order to adapt to a wider range of engineering installation requirement, we offered 9W 12W 15W, 7 colors available.

Power9w-01 9w-02
Batteries& Input11.1V 20Ah LiFePO49.6V 17.5Ah LiFePO4    AC90-260V/DC12V 2A Charger
Solar Panel43W 15V Mono crystalline Silicon
LampLED 6W 2835 Chips, 5000-5500K
Light Efficiency>110LM/W
Lighting Radius20M
Working TimeGel Battery – 3 to 5 days inclement weather operation
Working Temperature20°C ~+ 60°C
Solar Security Camera 17
Solar Security Camera 14Solar Security Camera 13Solar Security Camera 06
Solar Security Camera 05
Solar Security Camera 11Solar Security Camera 12